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The Official Matte Grey Turbo Owners Thread!

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Chime in here! All proud Matte Grey owners share your paint care experience and tips.
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can anyone in canada confirm if the canadian matte cars come with the cleaning kit? Im still waiting on my matt VT but my dealer says it doesnt come with the kit.
Supposed to come with a NEW kit, I read somewhere that someone picked up their car with half the kit used up.

I get mine tomorrow =D !!
Hi Chingbo, where you from? Im expecting mine any day now... Atleast thats what they tell me
Hi everyone. I'm buying one in 2 days. How's it hold up in the rain ? Are you washing it every time afterwards?
I am in Toronto Canada. I picked up my matte in September. During the winter I washed my VT maybe every three weeks at the local coin Op carwash with just water. Last week I was finally able to give her a proper wash and seal.

To answer your question... Do u wash a shiny paint job every time it rains? I would assume the answer is no. As any Matte Vt owner in here and they will all tell you that it is soooo easy to care for. Don't listen to the hype that its so fragile and hard to care for.
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anybody have any idea?
I haven't but ur not suppose to.
I do it once in the begining of summer, one more time durring the middle of the summer, again late fall just before the weather gets too cold. Then nothing all winter cuz its just too cold. Dr Beasly says every 6 months is good.
I think the Dr Bs soaps are great but way too pricy for my cheap ass. Plus shipping to canada cost like $50 lol.

I actually use Adams polishes soaps. It Ph neutral with no waxes or shining agents in it. Plus a galon costs $30. It works Really well. As far as sealing it I'm still using Beasleys cuz I still have lots. But I am looking for options. And adams sealer may do the trick.
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Wana sell me your kit?
The reflection and shine on the matte paint is normal. It actually says it in the manual some where.
I'm using Adams polish
Just been using pH balanced shampoo and that's about it. I'll buy a sealant, one day.
Literally shampoo?
Ah ok cuz i was guna ask what kind of hair shampoo so I can give it a try lol.

I use Adams polishes car shampoo this stuff foams like crazy. It is ph balanced and at $30 for a gallon it's a great deal.
The key is to have a ph balanced and wax free soap. As long as it meets those 2 criteria you should be good.

Iv sealed my car 5-6 times with the Beasley stuff. I sill have enough for maybe 2 more applications. Dr B smells SOOOO DAMN GOOD! But no way am I payin that price for it.

Adams also has a sealer which I am told by guys with matte wraps and matte rims that it works Awesome and does not add shine. I will most likely go this route when my Beasleys runs out
I sealed it 2x when I first got the car. Then I try and do it every 6 but it's really weather dependent cuz I'm in Canada.

I re sealed in March and just did it again in late October. Will prolly do it again when the snow melts in March.
Oh and I should mention. I don't really like the detail spray I find it leaves streaks.

The cleaner on the other hand is awesome. It will remove anything without having to scrub. However everyone it's used u must reseal.
Hit the dealers for it. It's part of the $1000 u paid f
Has anyone uses the chemical guys sealer?
I doubt it, it just came out a couple days ago. I'll be ordering once my taxes come in. I'm sure it works well though. I've been using chemical guys products for over a year now and they never disappoint.
The rat wax seems sketchy lol. Chem guys seems legit.

I currently use Adams polishes car shampoo. And believe it or not Adam a window cleaner for detail spray. They also have a sealer but I haven't tired it yet.
Id pay for the Beasley stuff. cuz I will admit that it smells SOOO DAMN GOOD!! But they want too much for shipping to canada. Shipping costs more then the products. Lol
Ohhhh ahhhh.... Matte lol.
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