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The Official Matte Grey Turbo Owners Thread!

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Chime in here! All proud Matte Grey owners share your paint care experience and tips.
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part of the club. everyone keeps asking me about it.
Supposed to come with a NEW kit, I read somewhere that someone picked up their car with half the kit used up.

I get mine tomorrow =D !!
mine was like nearly all used. they left a used mitt and some sealant (nearly empty) and a bunch of trash.

STILL trying to get the dealer to send me a new one. had been getting lied to by the dealer who sold me the car (no longer with the dealership)

at this point i dont even know what to do. theyve screwed up a ton of things with my purchase and thats the last thing im worried about at the moment.
Did they use it on your car? They should have used their own kit for that.....
thats what ive been telling them but nothing yet.
1 - 3 of 204 Posts
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