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The Official Matte Grey Turbo Owners Thread!

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Chime in here! All proud Matte Grey owners share your paint care experience and tips.
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So far I feel it's easier to take care of than regular paint. Keep the final finish in your car with a microfiber detail towel for spot cleanings.
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Car looks good man, especially after seeing the rims online. I washed mine for the first time today. Its really not that bad. I also did the sealant, which is pretty straight forward. What have you all been using on your windows and on the wheels?
I use plain ammonia-free glass cleaner on the windows and Dr. Beasley's Premium Wheel Cleanser with sponge on the wheels. I don't want to use a brush since they're clear coated I think.
anybody have any idea?
You are not supposed to claybar the matte paint and it would be ineffective anyway.
So how do we get rid of contaminants embedded in our paint?
Your car should have came with a cleaning kit.

Use the matte paint clenser to prep the paint. It will remove any contaminants. Then after that, use the matte paint sealant to seal the paint and prevent any contaminants from getting in. Repeat every few months.
Hey fellow matte owners. I was wondering how often do you guys seal the paint? Should I have sealed it as soon as I got it?
Yes, it should be sealed immediately.

I usually seal mine at the start of summer, then the start of winter.
i've been using the cleaning kit that came with my car but there are just some contaminants that are embedded in the paint that won't come out from the cleanser.

i just cant seem to get that smooth "mirror-like" touch to my paint anymore that i get with claybarring, unless i wash it a little more aggressively - which i'd rather not do.

The paint is NOT supposed to feel smooth... that's what the matte paint is. It has extremely tiny imperfections which makes it feel rougher than a smooth shiny car. If it was smooth, it would reflect light and be shiny... By washing overly aggresive, you may be ruining your paint.

Did your car come with a booklet on how to wash it? All your answers should be in there.
1 - 6 of 204 Posts
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