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there is a WGA!!!!

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Turbosocks, didnt you have a SRT-4 also? I have a wastegate spring mod that I had on my SRT-4 and it looks like it might work, What do you think?
It should work. But good luck trying to get to the wastegate.
I was going to but one of the mechanics told me not to because how much psi it needs. I've done it on my Hondas but this Hyundai is a totally different beast.
You're better off doing the Torque App, cause I was aiming for the boost gauge but then I saw how difficult it was going to be I said screw it let do it plug and play. If you read my past tread You can have as many gauges you want on the headunit screen.
Its interesting that my boost guage reads about 10lbs WOT. When i get the ELM adapter and plug it in I want to see how much boost that reads.
My Torque App at WOT read at 17.5 psi
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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