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I have a very similar suspension set-up as you. Stock springs/shocks and a couple Pierce bars.
I also have the pads and fluid.

Here are a couple of tricks I use because I daily my car and at least a few times a month am out on some dirt roads visiting family that live out in the country. So I'm putting off lowering the car as long as possible.
Tires, Tires, Tires. I see you have aftermarket wheels. This is perfect, get some track tires put on the stock wheels. SoCal Garage Works sells the Federal RSR and RSRR they are fantastic and will actually help with your understeering a bit.
A big thing with handling the understeer is learning to trail brake. Now, with those tires getting overheated and overwhelmed it is more difficult but learning this technique will do wonders.
I have tracked this car in the dead of a Texas summer and have only had 1 instance of a possible cooling issue. Hyundai has done a pretty good job with keeping the temps stable in stock form. Of course an oil cooler, new intercooler, and radiator wouldn't hurt but the car does well in stock form.

I have yet to see a fuel starvation issue others have seen. The track I frequent is a smaller, slower track so this may be why.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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