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Hey guys,

Had a chance to finally get my VT on a track about an hour out of Toronto this past Monday, and I've got a few thoughts on the experience in general, as well as some questions for those of you who've got a little more experience.


1) With bolt-ons and a tune, the car PULLS. Even with paddle shifting an auto, I found myself keeping up with cars I never expected to keep up with.

2) Past the limit, the understeer is REAL. Could also be my stock suspension and all General G-MAXs (a solid all season, but still an all-season).

3) Fuel cut on low fuel is a thing on these cars... or at least that's what I think it was. When fuel got lower than a quarter tank, I found myself constantly getting power cut at a certain portion of the track. At first, I thought it was more tune or electrical stuff. But after I filled the tank to half and got out there, the car was perfect until fuel got low again, and power started cutting once more.

4) Cooling didn't seem to be an issue. Now, I do have a different grille on the car, and it was about 55F out there that day, but I found the car very well composed after more than a few consecutive hot laps. 230F was about a hot as I saw it get, but it mostly stayed in the 210-220 range.

5) Good brake Pads and fluid are a MUST. One of the other aspects of the car that exceeded expectations was the braking. With Pierce's Porterfield pads and Motul fluid, I can honestly say braking held up perfectly, lap after lap. There was a little smoke after the first 4 laps, but after that, They keep the car perfectly in check, all with


1) What do you track guys use for coilovers? I wanna get something that can be a balance between more responsive on track, but still retain some comfort on the road. Same for tires, any suggestions? So far, thinking Michelin's PSS, but open to other thoughts.

2) Has anyone tried control arm bushings for our cars too? I found the car could be a little more direct on turn-in. Then again, non-ideal tires... stock suspension.

3) Is there anyone else who's felt the fuel cut on these cars past a quarter tank in hard cornering? Is there anything that can be done for that? Does anyone sell a better pump maybe?

4) What are the coolant/transmission temps you guys are seeing? Also, is there a more accurate thermometer solution for our cars? The one we have now is utterly useless past daily driving.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for the input guys. I do have a fuel line, but was hoping for a pump or something to get more fuel to the motor during high speed corners and lower gas levels. I guess keeping it at half tank is the answer for now.

Haven't gotten the braided lines yet, but that'll likely be a future purchase. Are the rotors a high priority as well? I feel like they aren't but who knows.

Keep the thoughts coming! Any other mods that have gone under the radar that are crucial for track days?

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you are severely overdriving your tires.

fuel cut is a real deal with a low tank. i learned my lesson after my 2nd track day always start the day with a full tank!

cooling on track isnt an issue in new england weather, should not be a problem in toronto.

im glad you had good luck with the VTRS pads, i will be moving onto something else when mine burn up. i autocross more than track, so i need a little more forgiveness, something that bites hard that doesn't need alot of heat. but on track yes i would agree they are fantastic.

i'm using ksports that are cornerweighted my car is setup properly for autocross / sprint on r-comps, i get very little understeer on the track due to not having the tires to compensate (run star specs on track) .

i'm hoping to get W/L caster correcting bushings at some point

i never bothered to monitor my temps i just watch the gauge as a just incase but never seen it creep up. however waiting in the grid at autocross i've seen my IATs in the 160-170 range dead of summer. and that cuts lots of boost. im running the factory coolant.
Thanks for sharing.

Yeah the pads were a life saver, but they're a little more dusty and squeaky than stock for sure. Also they suck cold so they only bite after 10 minutes of driving. All trade offs I'm willing to make for their stopping power once warm.

Seems like most people use k sports. Those are compatible with the pierce bar?

And I'm not sure who the tires comment was for, but my tires are shot after that day.

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