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Time for an oil change....

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Hey guys, just a quick post. I'm gonna be doing my own Oil Change on my Veloster Turbo later today. Was looking on YouTube for any possible walkthroughs but didn't find anything. I mean, I know how to perform oil changes, but was just wondering if there were any tricks or tips, or simply just anything to look out for. If there is anything you guys can think of, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks All!!
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Just did my 3rd oil change on my VT yesterday. I need lower ramps cuz the ones I have are too tall for the VT. Anyways I jack mine up. Its a pain in the @$$ but I like it raised a bit so I can see. comfortably.

My only beef is the location of the drain plug. Its a the front of the oil pan. When the car is jacked it slants the front up and all the oil doesnt drain out. I end up lowering the car after I remove the filter and drian plug. A little more oil always comes out after lowering it. If the drain plug was at the back it would be so much easier.

Oh and be sure to get a new washer. Hyundai says it needs to be replaced eveytime the plug is removed. Not sure why. buy its only a few cents and I dont want to try and warranty a car whos drain plug fell off because I was too cheap to replace the washer.
I didn't pay attention when I was under, but anyone notice if you could just rotate the oil pan around?
Good question. I'm guessing no. To be honest I was hoping someone would come on and be like " my drain plug is at the back". Lol.
Was I right or was I right?'lol it's tight as shit that filter
geez I thought it was just me. And its in a weird spot that a typical oil filter wrench wont fit. I had to buy one of those ones that attach to a ratchet to get my first filter off, after that its been by hand.
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