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Time for an oil change....

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Hey guys, just a quick post. I'm gonna be doing my own Oil Change on my Veloster Turbo later today. Was looking on YouTube for any possible walkthroughs but didn't find anything. I mean, I know how to perform oil changes, but was just wondering if there were any tricks or tips, or simply just anything to look out for. If there is anything you guys can think of, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks All!!
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It made it a little easier for me to pull out a couple bolts in the splash shields on the bottom to let them hang out of the way. Also, the drain bolt faces forward, so if you put the car on ramps, you wont get 100% drain.
No, I can manage without lifting the car-very tight but it works. You will want to use the Hyundai filter too. There's a few threads on here and on other Hyundai forums about it. The short is that they are high quality and other filters may cause oil pressure issues. You can find them cheapest on eBay in lots of 4 or more.
If there's not enough room, you could drive up on short pieces of 2x8s at all four corners, it's amazing how much room that little bit will give you. Or you could jack up the passenger side, take out plug and filter and lower it down to drain, then jack it back up to put the plug and filter on.
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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