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Time for an oil change....

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Hey guys, just a quick post. I'm gonna be doing my own Oil Change on my Veloster Turbo later today. Was looking on YouTube for any possible walkthroughs but didn't find anything. I mean, I know how to perform oil changes, but was just wondering if there were any tricks or tips, or simply just anything to look out for. If there is anything you guys can think of, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks All!!
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As I get all my oil changes free for the first 6 years / 100000kms, so I have no idea what you guys are talking about :smile:
I get mine free for a lifetime, however dealership is in pa, and im stationed in texas. So back to doing them myself as far as question about washer on drain plug, i worked at hyundai for 4 years that washer helps seal the plug but is soft and will squash down to the point it will leak and is a real pain to get off the drain plug then. Best bet is to just replace it everytime.
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