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Tip: For faster take off, turn off TC

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During my test drive of the VT, I tried a dead stop take off with TC off. The take off is noticeably faster, however you WILL get tire squeal with the OEM tires. It will be helpful to get a stickier set of tires when doing this. Test drive was with the A/T.
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After my wreck in my Gen Coupe I always turn the traction control off as soon as the vehicle is started. I saw the guy coming up behind me really fast while sitting at a traffic light with nothing coming and went to get out of the way, barked the tires, traction control kicks in and my ass end gets wrecked. If it would have been off I would have gotten out of the way no problem. Mine was a '11 so it didn't have the 3 setting TC of the '13 Gens....I shake my fist at you Hyundai.
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