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To BlueLink or not to BlueLink

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Having a MT, I cannot remote start so that is 1 point against it. But there seems to be some nice features. However a lot of that is covered by my insurance anyway. At any rate what is everyone's opinion on Bluelink.
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Hey guys, what does it mean when Hyundai says that I will lose my turn-by-turn navigation if I dont renew my bluelink? Mine already expired but I can still use my navigation.
If you don't have the Navigation system the BlueLink operator will give you directions as you are driving. If you have Nav it's pointless, unless its a road that's not in your map. But even then, 99% of us have smart phones and that's the navigation plan B.
That's true, I didn't renew it anyways, so I am glad.:cool2:
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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