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Tokra's LED Interior LED kit instaled

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Today (Sunday) finished installing Tokra's LED kit and I think it is cool. I did not install the lighted scuff plates as this might be a future job. I wanted to see how the kit looked first.
Very happy with the install and as to how it all looks.
Have a look here:

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Looking good papabear :) glad you like it.

I installed a red version into a mates Lancer last weekend. Agree it does look great in red also. No scuffs for his though - lol

You should do the scuffs though, lucky is a pretty trivial add on for you now :) the scuffs on mine is what most people WOW over when I open the doors :D
Yes it will be easy to install the scuffs and I think I will take your advice Tokra and jump on the puter and order some tonight. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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