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top speed?

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I shouldnt be asking, but I think most will explore at some point anyhow...

Anyone tried to find the max mph in thier VT yet? Is there an electronic governor?

I ask only because my last vehicle was a 2004 Ford Ranger 3.0 and it was electronically limited to 92 mph... which was a drag sometimes if you really needed to be somewhere fast. We do a lot of interstate travel around here.
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I test IT to 228km/h- 230km/h or 141-143mph in 5th gear
I did a run last night. Didn't want to blow it up sooo I ended my pull in 6th. Gear was fading out right at 132mph. :/ My friend was thinking that it was limited by air/fuel mapping as we did not feel any "cutting out" or fuel shutoff.
Next time I'm going to try in 5th and see if I can get a peak at the 140+ mentioned by VTMARS.
How did it feel at those speeds? Planted, shaky, light (as in too much air under the car)?
For me it was solid and felt good up until about 125... then it started feeling a little light on the tires and I didn't have a lot of confidence in the agility at that point. Not that cornering at 130 is to be expected anyhow, but I wouldnt want to maintain those speeds and attempt to drive any real distances.

I'm thinking after lowering springs, spacers, and a little wider tire, some of that will dimenish.
No way! I thought it had a limiter at 132 it cuts u off?
Apparently not. Mine was right at 132 in 6th; the others here are saying they have gotten more... I've got to make a road trip to find some highway good enough to try that. :)
well guys our speedo stops measuring at 150 but with a gps i got up to 165 and started running out of road but the car felt planted and solid. a word to the wise have your tires filled with nitrogen and do not maintain speeds above 145 mph for more than ten miles ur tires will come apart.
Still on the stock KH25s? Theyre "V" rated... dont give the kids any bad ideas.
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