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Torque Solution Shifter Bushing

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Well I got the bushing put on today and one of the bushing "smaller one" didn't fit. I had to sand it down to make it fit right. Otherwise the shifter does feel better than it was stock. For being under $30 it was worth it even though the smaller bushing didn't fit.
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Why did u choose Torque Solutions over TWM? Is it better quality?
I'm gonna pick some bushings up and have been shopping around. There really aren't many options but did notice the torque solution bushings are half the price of the TWMs. Not sure which ones I will get.
i just installed my torque solutions bushings on yesterday, mine were a direct fit, and appear to be well made, obviously the twm is metal (bronzoil) while the torque solutions is a weird hard rubber (from what i read it has some self oiling properties or whatnot, but idk). tbh being half the price of twm, i opted for the TS one. Not saying their better, but seems like for 30 bucks this can't be beat. I can however say that this has definitely changed the feel of the gears, and for the better. The shifts are sharper and crisper than ever!

fyi it did take maybe 20-30 mins of driving to break these in for me.
Well I wish mine did fit perfect on the smalller bushing but I just sand it a little bit and I had to vice it with a pliers to them get in. I know TWM is a better qualtiy but for $30 I didn't complain.
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