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Torque solutions lower engine mounts?

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Has anyone installed these yet? I had the nameless performance 80A mounts on my NA and It vibrated way too much. Torque solutions offer 75A polyurethane (instead of the urethane 80A) mounts. Will these be any better? I just want less vibration (especially when the AC is on).
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What's the benefit of a softer compound mount?
I didn't get into great detail. but found a seller on ebay that has two versions. a "performance" for stock and slightly modified (green 65a)
Made of high grade polyurethane right here in the USA.
65A durometer is less dense than our race mount to help eliminate added vibration and is optimal for stock and lightly modified cars.
Oversized to provide optimal contact and limit engine movement.

and they have a "race" for modified cars that are driven hard (red 75a)
Made of high grade polyurethane right here in the USA.
75A durometer is extremely dense and optimal for hard driven cars.
Oversized to provide optimal contact and limit engine movement.

BOTH $30 shipped.

VERY interesting find. I'd do it just cause its only 30 bucks. I'd get the green ones btw
Thanks for the post. Just ordered myself a set of the red ones and made sure to message the seller letting him know its the VT w MT. Not sure if he offers any kind of modified mount that fits better. I'll find out I guess.
Is this the motor mount? And is it just the lower two bolts that need to be removed?

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Awesome pic thanks. I'm wondering if I should look for an aftermarket mount that will give me better clearance.
Gotta love how fast and easy it is to get parts these days. Arrived today and will hopefully be on tomorrow if the rain let's up.

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If the 75A is too rough I may order the 65A set and use one of each to find a combo that works. I'm assuming a mixed combo couldn't hurt anything. And then if it worked I could sell the two remaining to one of you guys.
Just wrapped up the install and took it for a spin around the block. There were no annoying vibrations even when I tested the AC. The only difference was when I started the car. There was more of a jolt, but something that will feel normal after the second day. It took me over an hour because I put the bushings on backwards the first time DURRR. I took some good pics but don't have time to upload them all now. Late tonight or tomorrow I'll have them up.
So far so good. On my 30 minute drive to work I was trying to ride over some bumps id normal avoid, and no KABOOM. The stock mounts are ridiculous. They were as easy to bend as the rubber on a pair of running shoes. I took some good pics. I also have good pics of stuff I installed backwards and will let you see to help prevent anybody else from doing the same. With some of this stuff I want to get it on the car so fast that I forget to pay attention to the detail.

As far as more feedback, I did notice that there is a little more vibration when accelerating from a stop. Its not bad, and almost makes the car feel more solid. It could honestly just be me giving it too much gas too early. I was out last night and had wings so this morning I was a bit gassy. Jk, wings don't give me gas lol. I think I'm gonna order the 65A ones only because they are SOO affordable and I am curious as to what a 65A/75A combo would feel like. Btw the seller who sold these to me told me if I didn't like the 75 to just ship them back and he'd send me the ones I wanted.
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This stuff is difficult when using a tablet. I would comment above the photos but it doesn't tell me which photo is what so I'm just uploading them all and leaving the explanation down here.

I started by unbolting the two bolts closest to the bushings. Once those two were out I began to try and loosen the one large 17mm bolt that connects the mount to the black piece that's bolted to the transmission. I could not get the 17mm bolt to budge no matter how hard I tried. I only have short socket handles so sometimes I get very little leverage and end up using my leg to push the socket handle. Even with my leg it wouldn't budge, so I just unbolted the black piece and took the whole thing off, as you can see.

Once the whole mount was loose and removed, I then proceeded to loosen the one bolt that holds the bushings onto the mount. This step took forever because the stock bushings are so spongy that when I tried turning the bolt the only thing that turned were the bushings. I recommend loosening the bushing bolt while it is still connected to the car. I had to bolt it back to the car just using one bolt and then I was able to get it off. The stock bushings just fall right out when the bolt is removed. Getting the new ones in took a little effort, as I had to use a flat head as a shoe horn. This is where I screwed up and put the end with the bushings onto the mount backwards. Its hard to explain but the photos show the mistake.

Take mount with new bushings and insert back into slot, tighten bolts, and all done. After the drive home from work I have decided I am not going to order the 65A bushings because I have found absolutely nothing bothersome with the 75A's. Accelerating and braking over bumps is now a pleasant experience. HUGE improvement over stock. For the $29.99 shipped price tag, this is by far the best mod for the price.
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Well done my friend.....well done! This is a GREAT write up. I know it isn't a DIY or anything, but pictures and feedback is worth A LOT!

Great. Now we just have to hear from Mr. bOoStIn-VT about his experience! I am sure his is going to go as smooth and as pleasant as yours did Rie. And if it does, this will solve the expensive "namebrand" motor mounts problem, these mounts at the price ia a no brainer.

Thanks Rie for taking one for the team. Glad this worked out well for you. Now I know what I am getting when I get my VT too. This will go on the list of mods.

BTW what did you ever do with the stickers? are you going to sport them?
Thank you Sir! I do what I can to help others as others have helped me.

The only stickers I will ever put on my car are ones that promote the company I work for. I may stick some of these under the hood or just on cabinets in the garage. I'd like to promote Pierces work but I just think performance part stickers all over look ricey.
Eddie Bauer. I promote our "First Ascent" line of technical outerwear because its the best stuff out there.
I just did some hard driving on wet pavement and absolutely zero wheel hop. I got some spin but no more bouncing when spinning. And braking feels so solid now. This might be my favorite mod so far. Id never go back to stock rubber for anything.
The problem with the stock bushings is that you didn't even have to be driving hard for the wheels to bounce around. I noticed it immediately when brand new. That's why I've spent so much money on braces and now these bushings. I feel like that's what helped keep the price of the car down. It had an incomplete feel to it without any mods. With almost two grand into the car it now feels like the car it should be. That's why I skipped on the $2500 package
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ahhh damnit I'm really trying hard not to buy the 65A ones.. though yes they will provide a little more movement. it's not the end of the world for me .. i'd rather have a 0 vibrations.. I had 1 stock tranny mount and 1 solid mount on my ion and it wasn't terrible but theres definitely vibs with the ac or heat on plus i'm liking the green lol

did you guys have to say anything special to get the rev motoring ones in the right size?
I messaged the guy with my specs and he said there was no special turbo bushing, but if it didn't fit to let him know and he'd take care of it. The 75A bushings are awesome I wouldn't pass up on them. I however do not know what the 65A's are like bc I like the 75 so much its not worth the change.
I really really like the green color better than the red tho. I hate everything red lol
When I had the motor mount off during install, everything moved around like a loose tooth. It was kinda scary how much it moved. After a few more days of driving its just ever so slightly starting to wear on me. I will probably end up testing out 65A. If it wasn't for the brace that gets in the way id have already ordered a new set. The under brace really gets in the way.
I still love them. I said ever so slightly wearing on me. I think its the way I drive bc when RPMs get low when driving real slow or coasting to a stop it vibrates quite a bit. But pushing in the clutch or keeping RPMs higher eliminates it. I just don't always feel like downshifting when looking for a parking spot. And I just went WOT and hit a sewer drain and it sounded like shots were fired lol. So it didn't completely eliminate the banging noise. But that's the first time its happened with the new bushings. Still very satisfied, and still getting used to. Just giving a continuous review.
well I only have solos exhaust and turbosocks fmic v1 and fmcai. but before I get the car, I am gonna order pierces downpipe and if a tune isn't out yet then along with the downpipe I will get his strut brace and his lower 6 point brace.

Oct is a date I budgeted to have a down payment for the car to bring monthly payments down. plus I'd have all my credit card debt paid off so I'll have a little more freedom after that. I can not wait :D
Not to get this thread off topic again, but why not put the money spent on all these parts towards the car payment to keep monthly payments down, or pay off this debt that you speak of? Debt = finance charges that will set you back longer.
Once debt is paid off and car is purchased, then save for each individual item. I liked having a stock car for a month or two anyways so I could see improvements of each added piece as they went on. If you do them all at once you'll never know what you had to even acknowledge improvements.
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