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True Power Test

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OK, I was driving home last night on 95N cruising about 75mph in the fast lane. I see some bright HIDS coming fast so I move over one lane to let him pass me. The car pulls up right next to me and slows down and starts pacing me. I look over my left shoulder and see its a lowered down M3 looks like a 98 M3, I slow down to about 70 to look behind the car and see its an M3 and i can hear him downshift now. I am still cruising in 6th. So I slowly increase my pace to about 75 he still paces me sounds like hes in 3rd gear because his motor is whining pretty loud at this point. He starts jerking his car back and forth to egg me on and I just smile and keep cruising. After about a minute of this i say screw it and i floor it and hear his motor wind up before he shifts to fourth. I am pulling him by about a car as we reach 100, by about 110 he starts to pull me by half a car by 120 he lets go and and i cruise by him up to about 130 before i let go. I was pretty happy that the VT was able to hang with an M3, I know its an older one but they still run low 14s stock, don't know what their top-end is like. I never downshifted and I dont even have an intake yet so i was impressed with the little power it has. I have had some fast cars and trust me the VT feels slow as balls compared to my other cars but last night renewed my faith in the little VT that could :)
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I can believe that when I hit 130 I was surprised how easy it was and it was still pulling pretty decent.
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