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TSMP TNIA June 30th, a friendly wager?

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Hey everyone attending this event in Thompson CT... Just curious if you're up for a little fun.

The entrants put up $20 each and fastest lap wins.

I understand I may have the advantage since it is my home track, but I will undoubtedly have the least bolted car of the bunch (just suspension and tires, possibly new brake pads) .

My fastest lap is 1:35

how do we measure? well we use apple-ications! This will allow you to use your iPhone as a laptimer / camera. If you don't want to purchase the GP edition, you can use the rookie edition which doesn't do camera. just timing. you will also need some sort of mount to hold the device. I use a RAM X-MOUNT it is expensive and a bit cumbersome.

i'm not sure of the equivalent for android.

i'll be running intermediate class.

who is in?
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