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Turbo R Predictions

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Clearly Hyundai has a success on their hands with the Veloster and especially the Veloster Turbo.

Given that the 2013 Turbo model is essentially unchanged from the stock model a Turbo R model is in the works for 2014.

Let's hear your predictions - no prediction is too outrageous!

I predict they will adapt the 2.0l Genesis turbo engine to make 250hp to compete with the Ford Focus.

I predict they will bring out a new/revised DCT for the Turbo S with paddle shifters.

I predict they won't upgrade the rear suspension to a McPherson strut setup.

Your turn...
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I wonder why they used accent engine when it's an elantra chassis, how about 148 hp elantra engine with turbo for about 220+ hp. Not a big jump but that is what it should have been from the beginning.
why the i20 wrc gets 300 hp out of a turbo 1.6

also it's a 1.8 they're using a turbo 1.6 to keep better fuel economy.. yea they might've been able to push up with the big boys hp wise if they used a turbo 1.8 but the DI 1.6 in the accent allows them to pull out power and fuel economy
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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