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Do you think you will be able to make it

Turbosocks Performance End of Summer BBQ meet - Sept 21, 2013

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Hello everyone, I kind of mentioned this to the guys yesterday when I was doing the installs but I am going to green light the idea and wanted to have plenty of time to get a group together.

I am looking to host an end of summer meet/BBQ for Velosters and Veloster Turbos.

The plan is for this to be at Stony Creek MetroPark:

Stony Creek is located at 26 mile and Mound in Shelby Township, MI.

Just to give an idea on time lengths away for some of the regional areas.

Toronto, ON, Canadia -- about 3.5 hour trip.
Columbus, OH -- about 3.75 hour trip.
Chicago, IL -- about 4.5 hour trip.
Pittsburgh, PA -- about 4.75 hour trip.
Indianapolis, IN -- about 5 hours.
Buffalo, NY -- about 4 hours.
Milwaukee, WI -- about 6.25 hours.

There are tons of great picture spots around and I will be able to 'reserve' a pavilion early so we have our own area.

People can feel free to post ideas for things to do to make a day out of it. I was thinking of doing the BBQ, doing some pictures and then taking some sort of cruise.

Map Land lot

I will be posting this over at ***** and on a few Facebook groups also. Hoping to get a great showing!!

Donations and bringing things like chips, paper plates, cups, napkins, etc. will be optional. I will provide a metric ton of burgers, veggie burgers, dogs, brats, buns, condiments, drinks, etc.

I will try to get a few shirts, bunch of vinyls made and will also be doing a couple give-a-ways for 50$ credits and maybe more!

1. Turbosocks
2. Wife of Turbosocks
3. Mwil028
4. Wife of Mwil028
5. VeeTee (veggie)
6. BTJetman
7. Wife of BTJetman
8. Velociraptor
9. Steve
10. Cathy

Looking to officially start the meet around noonish and go for a few hours at least before we do some photos/cruise.

Make sure to have a few bucks cash as their is a 2-3$ entry fee to the park!
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Hoping to have at least 20-25 V's and VT's at the meet.

Location can change if people would like as long as it is within abotu an hour or so from me (Shelby township) as I will be transporting all the food, goodies, etc. etc. etc.
ok, so I am thinking you should leave like the tuesday before the meet :p HAHAHA!!
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I am probably going to get to the park somewhat early to get a spot, setup, have a grille dropped off (if you can bring your own) etc.

I would probably start planning on Grilling stuff up around 12-1 or so? Probably be grilling on and off all day depending on when people get there/show up/are hungry.

For people coming into town the night before, we can have a mini-meet, get some pizza or whatever.

I am open to suggestions :p
I just figured Saturday would work better for most, especially people coming in from out of town and needing to drive on Sunday!
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I am trying to get some interest from Canada as I know their are lots of VTurbos not to far from Shelby Township.

Uniq Performance is going to try and make it!
To the locals/Turbosocks....

can you reccomend any good hotels? Somewhere between the park (meet location) and a good mall, outlets etc (for the wife). Maybe someone's got connections at a hotel, if its nice and cheap it doesnt have to be close to our meet location. Wana plan this out cuz wife will go if I mention shopping lol. I havent had the VT out on any long cruise 90% city driving and averaging between very high 8 to mid 9 L/100km.

I just got back from a 700km drive up north and the sonata (non turbo) aaveraged 7.2l/100km average speed 120-130km/h lol Id like to belive that it is obtainable for the VT lol
If you are wanting to do shopping and the meet but wanting to be inbetween, I would recommend staying somewhere in Rochester Hills, MI. I am not sure what is around that area though as far as places to stay. VeeTee is our Rochester connection, he may know.

Otherwise, there is the Marriott/Hyatt/Holiday Inn over at M-59 and M-53 (about 10-15 minutes from the meet and <30 minutes to Great Lakes Crossing [huge outlet mall] and <5 minutes from Lakeside Mall]) The wife will enjoy Great Lakes more than Lakeside for sure.

If you can stay in Rochester Hills, you will be about 15 minutes or so between both the meet and the outlet mall.
Those hotels were the utica ones (m-59 and m-53 area)

Rochester hills is a really nice area and has a really nice downtown strip to boot!
Ikea Canton is about a 45 minute drive or so m-59 and m-53 area. If you wanted to stay in between IKEA, Great Lakes and the meet, you would wan to stay somewhere near Madison Heights/Ferndale/Royal Oak area. Royal Oak/Ferndale is a hoppin' spot also. Small but quite a few things to do.

Royal Oak/Ferndale > Ikea ~30 mins
Royal Oak/Ferndale > meet @ Stony ~35 mins
Royal Oak/Ferndale > Great Lakes Crossing ~25 mins

Might be your best bet if you are planning to do a lot with that weekend
sounding good guys! hopefully I will be able to stir up some more interest on 'the worlds biggest v forum' ............... I thought there would be plenty of V's interested in a big meet up but apparently not so!
I should have rephrased that a bit. I meant I am surprised at the people in the REGION, mainly on the 'other' forum that haven't responded or aren't interested. I guess I am just used to more 'community' when it comes to the car scene.
We had SRT-4s from all over attending simple monthly meets and had people come to the yearly Hyundai meets in Toronto for 'Hyundai Sunday' come from Florida, New York, Washington State, Ottawa, Ohio, etc.

I am going to invite the Turbo Optimas I think.

I plan on have a couple intakes at the meet, at least one of each version of the VTurbo FMIC kit, the Optima FMIC kit, some Rigid Collars, HKS style BOV setup, vents, fog surrounds, reflector deletes, some decals, couple 50$ and 100$ store credit raffles, possibly some t-shirts.

Everything sold at the meet will be a 10% discount.
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Unfortunately it ended up fizzling out back in 2008 or so. I stopped helping with it because I moved and the guy who hosted it (was a parts manager at burlington Hyundai) ended up moving onto Audi.

But for about 5 years, we had quite a few people from all around coming out in good numbers (40-60 cars) and had a blast.

We had scoupes, Pony's, Santa Fes, Tiburons, Elantras, accents of all generations, everything!
I even tried offering to make a CAI/SRI for them as well and no one responded to it!!

I will also have a turbo kit available for the NA V in the future.. yep, thats right.. there will be some sleeper NAV conversions in the future running low boost!
let me know when you get yours I can bring mine to you:) I don't have a car jack or stand to do it
I just bought a new low profile jack with up to 21" lift :D
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Harbor Freight.. 69.99. 3 ton jack. Had a coupon. regularly 139.99. It isn't a fancy lightweight racing jack but does its job very well!
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yeah, I am going to keep an eye on the weather when it gets closer. I will try to get an area that has a decent pavilion anyway!
hahaha.. crash at my place.. I got a big backyard.. Bring Yer TentS!!!
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haha, never going to live that one down, eh :D
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For the Canadians that will miss it, I am going to look into doing a Spring BBQ in conjunction with Rob (Uniq) next year.. He just doesn't know yet :D I am sure he will be up for it!
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Poll and thread disagree.. I have 13 people total that said yes or would try in the poll.

If I could get a headcount going, that would be good so I know how much food to buy/grill!!

So far, I am not making any assupmtions..

I have:

1. Turbosocks
2. Wife of Turbosocks
3. VeeTee (vegetarian)
4. VeeTee's gf (vegetarian)
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