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Turbosocks Rigid Collar Kit

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Hey guys---Turbosocks sent me out a set of his collars to figure out a solution to work with our braces and I've had them on the car now for a week---thought I'd do a quick review. Very cool pieces! They showed up after just 2-3 days and were packaged nicely/labeled fr/rr (which matters!). They're an anodized (?) red color and the machine work is very nice. They installed easily enough after following his instructions---and they are a very tight fit really centering the bolts/subframe. My first drive home I noticed a more solid feeling---I think I noticed it more in the seat than in the wheel and it did feel like I could sense engine movement and more of the road---more solid over bumps. I haven't been to the track yet, but I'm looking forward to doing more testing. Every little bit helps and I think it's a very good bang for the buck improvement!
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i plan on the 6pt in the future and have the collars on order atm. Can I have the nessasary modifications made before ordering? oh and will the 6pt fit aftermarket exhausts without issue. i think theres a x bar out there that makes it impossible or hit or miss. just leaning foward on my research.
lastnight i used my gas rebate card from my elantra on 75A rear motor mount, Rigid collars, and derilin shifter bushings. Im trying to get everything solid then move on to dialing out the occilation in the rear over series of bumps. Your strut tower brace and 6pt are next on my list and rear brace when you get that going. My goal is to surpass what my mini S felt like before it became too much at 180k miles. Tall order I know.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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