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TWM Shifter Bushing Kit

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So all of my badgering TWM has paid off!

First product off the line: Shifter Bushing Kits!

I had these on my last car, makes for a noticeable difference (or at least did then).

I assume its a kit of cable bushings. I asked TWM on the FB page for clarification.

Off to the order page I go...

Btw, this coupon code (10%) apparently still works: TWMJamie10
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I use to have these for my 2000 Celica GT-S and what a different they made. I guess I have to add this to my mod list.
That's odd, This company is always known for great product and service. I'm pretty sure they sent you the wrong part.
Sweet!! I hope outcome is good. I like to get a set.
Sweet!! Now put those suckers on and tell us about them!!!
Maybe tomorrow. Might take the day off/work from home. Coming down with a cold so I should be able to throw them on in like 30 minutes tops since I've already done it twice.
Bump!! Need updates!!!
oh hell yes... worth every penny

so cheap i don't know why more people don't do it lol makes shifter lot more crisp!
I'm planning to order these next week. Was it easy to install?
It isn't too bad. I'm actually going to write a DIY soon. The only thing is that the VTs have two possible end link sets. TWM had to modify a set for me for in order to make them work. So I don't know which end links the other guys based it on.
Yeah I'm pretty much referring on the Torque solution since they are under $30.00. I was planning to get the TWM but then I heard about the other ones and I said hell those are cheap!!!
1 - 7 of 40 Posts
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