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TWM Shifter Bushing Kit

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So all of my badgering TWM has paid off!

First product off the line: Shifter Bushing Kits!

I had these on my last car, makes for a noticeable difference (or at least did then).

I assume its a kit of cable bushings. I asked TWM on the FB page for clarification.

Off to the order page I go...

Btw, this coupon code (10%) apparently still works: TWMJamie10
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I welcome all VT aftermarket manufacturers.

But a tighter shifter is not something I have been wanting.

That is not to say that the VT shifter couldn't be improved and TWM seems to be capable of improving shifters.

So here is what I would want TWM to improve about the VT shifter.

The VT shifter lacks clear detents and springs like a good BMW shifter. I'm not the only one here who has accidentally tried to take off in 3rd gear thinking that I was in 1st gear. This has gotten better over time with my VT but it is still something that needs improvement. The VT needs to be shoved all the way in to gear even after you have felt the gear move in to place. My favorite BMW shifter would spring the rest of the way once the gear was engaged so you could kinda let go of the shifter knob once the gear was engaged. This is a subtle thing but it really added to the feel of the car.
I wonder if the great engagement is what's causing the knocks when shifting. I'll admit sometimes in the morning when I'm not all three yet, I get lazy with the shifter and definitely agree with your assessment overall. I've ordered them and we'll see if there any improvements.
So I attempted to install the bushing kit today. The small bushing doesn't fit into the cable end and the large bushing isn't tall enough to take the retaining e-clip. The ends are plastic so I'm not making any modifications. I've emailed twm and they asked for pics so I just sent them a bunch. The fact that the inductions are using a Tiburon as reference made me concerned and my concerns were validated during the install. Kind of disappointed in this turnout. I'll post more when I hear back from them.
That's odd, This company is always known for great product and service. I'm pretty sure they sent you the wrong part.
No, it's the right parts. I just think they bought bushings and modeled the replacements without actually fitting them in a car to get a product out. The fact that you have to remove the battery and tray to adequately get to the larger bushing is fact enough. The Tiburon inductions they use says you only need to remove the air box. Not a problem for me since I already have an intake on, but still. You can get to the larger bushing without removing the battery, but you're basically going by feel. All the wiring brackets give you even less room down there.

I'm guessing I'm one of the first people to try the install since I ordered them pretty much when they went on sale. We will see how it goes. But, yeah...that's why it's disappointing...they are always top notch.
So after emailing with TWM, they talked to Hyundai who indicated that the cars were shipped with one of two possible sets of cable ends. They are in the process of getting the other set to fabricate the new bushings. Hopefully it won't be too long.
TWM emailed me today and said the new kit is on it's way. I'll throw up some pictures when I get to it.
What tools are you referring to? My mechanic was trying to do it. He had clear access to the cable. He removed the battery, tray and snorkel to get to it.
Yes, it is a pain in the ass to install them without removing the battery and battery tray... pain but possible. I already have my SRI in so I didn't have to worry about the stock intake parts, but all the that would have to come out as well.
I tried Torque Solutions bushings today. Large one wouldn't fit: not tall enough to take the C clip.
Didn't attempt the small one after this. Called Torque Solutions. They say that they are not aware
of this and that I should return them to the dealer that I bought them through. You would think
that they would want them sent direct to them so that they could check them out. How's that
for customer service?
See my post #10 in this thread. They probably need to do the same thing.
So I got the new bushing set in today. By new I mean a re-CNCed set to fit. They milled down the bottom flange on the large bushing for clearance and lopped of the top of the smaller bushing and milled down the diameter a hair. I'm waiting for some notes from them before I get to it this weekend, but below are the pictures of the differences. Originals on the left and modified on the right.
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Sweet!! Now put those suckers on and tell us about them!!!
Maybe tomorrow. Might take the day off/work from home. Coming down with a cold so I should be able to throw them on in like 30 minutes tops since I've already done it twice.
Bump!! Need updates!!!
I know. I've been sick and it's been bitter cold outside so I haven't gotten around to it. I'm hoping this weekend.
OK. So long overdue but I finally got it all installed. I'll write up a diy tomorrow hopefully. I took it for a quick test and the shifting us much nicer. It loses a lot of that play in the shifting routine that a few us have been costuming about. Definitely a more solid feel during shifts.
I'm planning to order these next week. Was it easy to install?
It isn't too bad. I'm actually going to write a DIY soon. The only thing is that the VTs have two possible end link sets. TWM had to modify a set for me for in order to make them work. So I don't know which end links the other guys based it on.
Yeah I'm pretty much referring on the Torque solution since they are under $30.00. I was planning to get the TWM but then I heard about the other ones and I said hell those are cheap!!!
Yeah but the varying versions is still an issue. I think someone said the torque solutions set they bought didn't work. I remember commenting on it.
I had these on my other car and loved the notchiness when throwing into gear. Waiting for u DIY so I can order and install these.
It's all already up in the diy section.
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