Hey all! I’ve been absent from the forums for a minute, I know. I’ve had a lot going on and after one thing leading to another I’m back up North and looking to get rid of some parts I’ve just had in storage.
Brand New GodSpeed lowering springs $75
Brand new purple oil cap $5
Brand new 75A engine mount bushings $10
Brand new Pierce crash bar $80
Stock crash bar $30
Stock turbo $300
Stock bypass valve $10
Stock rear wiper motor $5
Stock catalytic converter $40
Stock intercooler $50
Stock mirror covers $10 (one broken clip per cover)
Stock engine cover $20
Stock throttle body $30
Homemade cold pipe for HKS $20
Used SXTH resonator delete $5
Used Magnaflow resonator $20
Used Magnaflow y-pipe $10
Stock grill outer portion was cut to make grill and never did. That is free with any other purchase
Thanks for looking!