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- This is a pre-owned Cold Air Intake by Injen.
*(Only 12K miles of usage)

- It was a great intake, no problems or issues whatsoever.
- Only selling because I am making my car stock again and need the extra money (holiday season).
- Comes with everything including original boxing, piping, filter, and filter cover.

I bought this brand new for around $270 and it seems like thats how much they are still selling for.

I think $215 (including shipping) seems reasonable. Feel free to make any kind of offers. This thing is in excellent shape.

Any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Injen SP Series Air Intake System Cold Air Intake SP1341BLK | eBay

I do currently have it on eBay but if you prefer not to buy it through ebay, let me know so I can take it down.

*Thanks and Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas!*
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