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Vacuum/Boost Flange

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Does anyone happen to know where I can purchase one? Turbosocks doesn't carry them anymore. Regardless, another alternative would be nice.
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I think socks still carries them, he's just in the process of re-doing his website. They may have gotten lost in the transition. Shoot him a PM.
I was told by TS that there isn't much interest so he had stopped getting them. I was more interested for alternatives rather than a link to TS, because I already knew about that.
I'd love to make more but I need at least ten people to make it worth it. Already have about 5 dedicated to getting them.

These new flanges would be nicer and stealthier on every way!

I also carry a vacuum manifold which is in stock and ready to go. Can use up to 6 extra vacuum ports.

Just not as simple and nice as the flange adapter.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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