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VeeTee's "Kaya" Build

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Hello Everyone!

Meet my car, Kaya is her name.

I will update this as much as possible, after every mod hopefully, but time is always a factor ;).

First post is obviously the unadulterated version of my car, when I first picked her up.
You'll see old vs new in this one. Got rid of the WRX in lieu of my new baby girl, Kaya:
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Automotive design

Then, it pretty much went very quickly like this.
Wheels and Tires upgrade, as well as all interior lights to stage 2:
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hyundai Hyundai veloster

Then I tried the BOV for Free sound thingy and knew I needed the real deal BOV, but I waited on that until a little later.
I waited because next up was the headlight swap, Turbosocks CAI and the NGM drop:
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hyundai veloster Automotive design

Next step, SOUND!
Now the car looked mean enough to swallow just about anything, hence the big mouth our cars have ;). But the problem was it didn't sound like....uhm...anything, really?!
So, next up was the Magnaflow additions to the exhaust piping.

Magnaflow 10735 - Mandrel Bend Pipe Tubing
Auto part Pipe Fuel line Engine Vehicle

Magnaflow 10426 Satin Stainless Steel 2.5" Round Muffler

Make ABSOLUTELY sure that you get rid of the stock resonator if you put in these Magnaflow parts! It sounds waaaay loud with the stock resonator(IMO), and here is the reason why, it's a frigging straight pipe with insulating in it only, no baffles, no nothing!
Here is a sound clip of the car with the Magnaflow alterations. Sound is NOT great due to the usage of my phone instead of a proper mic:

I ended up opting for and going with the Magnaflow exhaust tips as well, for one, I like the look, and two, I was hoping that it would help spray the soot further back and not back onto the car. I have noticed less debris/soot on the car, so I am happy. Not everyone's cup of tea, but here it is:

Magnaflow 35121 Stainless Steel Round-Angle Cut Double Wall Exhaust Tip

Since the car was starting to look good and sound even better, it was now time for me to go after some of the driving and handling improvements.
First up, the Pierce Motorsports strut tower brace:
Vehicle Car Auto part Engine Hood

Also pictured is my first attempt at Plasti-Dipping and the CAI. Yes, the PD has held up nicely under the hood.

And the Pierce Motorsport 4 point brace for underneath the car:

2 things:
#1: ANYONE can install these suckers in a fairly quick time.
#2: AWESOMENESS happened immediately after install, meaning ride experience and handling has much improved.

FMIC anyone? Yes! Turbosocks FMIC to be exact. Oh and how much fun it was to install, lol. Nothing like a cold a$$ wintery day for an install night:
Auto part Automotive super charger part Pipe Automotive engine part Metal

I then tried my hand at more plasti-dipping and had some fun and learned a lot. I need to go after the rocker panels some more since I ran out of the orange color, but here is the result of the dipping thus far:
Land vehicle Vehicle Car Hyundai Automotive design


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Waiting to be installed and waiting in my living room:
- Pierce Motorsports high flow catted downpipe
- Morimoto HID kit
- 75a motor mount bushings
- Hella Supertones
- Yellow film for fog lights

I also forgot to mention that I dipped both front and rear "H" emblems.
But most importantly, this was the biggest HP gain EVER!! Can you spot it?
Land vehicle Vehicle Car White Automotive design
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How is it that your orange reflector lights glow blue?
How is it that your orange reflector lights glow blue?
They don't. I went back to the stock OEM lights after a while and switched back from the exled ones ;)
Nothing wrong with them, just wanted other mod money, lol.
Exled lights will be my last mod due to the ridiculous price for such a small upgrade Dammit I want them though or If I could find a set of OEM cheap I could try modding myself
So glad you got a build thread. I was thinking about it last night when I saw a picture you posted believe it or not and this morning BAM.

Keep it updated ! :D
@MyDianaZ06 - Lol, wish and you shall receive, haha.

@NoXide - Sparco Assetto Gara
Offset: 45mm
Bolt Pattern: 5-114
Rec. Tire Size:215/40-18
Weight: 20.2lbs.

Tires - Falken but I forgot which ones, sry.
Good lookin' out bOostIn, but my dealer will cover any damage that may occur to my rims under my warranty add on package.
As long as my wheels are the same size as OEM they will honor the warranty claim for repair or replacement. Pretty cool.
you have that MPP warranty or whatever? I didn't even think about that. I should ask them about it when I get mines. That would be good if they car replace aftermarket wheels too. I have the MPP tire/wheel warranty. It is a little less then 10 bux a munth. Covers tires AND wheels. We used it last year on the sonata. Got a bubble in the sidewall and went to the dealer and it was covered. The tire was over 200 (like 220 or so)and got a new one installed for nothing. Had the rim gotten damaged or the tpms, everything would have been covered. :D
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Update 6.5.13

75A Motor Mounts:
A little WD40 and a vice works real well ;)


Hella horns installed, one on each side of the intercooler. Sry, no after shot, "duh":

Yellow Film over fog lights:

Random shot of Kaya in the wild:
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looking good!!
Thanks Jeremy. Btw, what kind of mount did you use to videotape you driving(bov)?
I'm liking where this is all going! I love the color schematic that you did on your car. Orange and flashy!
really liking the look!

exposure and focus of the last picture, not so much :p
Thanks Jeremy. Btw, what kind of mount did you use to videotape you driving(bov)?
Just a cheapie suction cup camera mount from amazon....was ~$5
MAN VEETEE those are great mods and great pics! Really like how Kaya is coming along.

I love your engine bay! Looks amazing.

Review the motor mount!!!

Also review the yellow film. Is it good or does it suck? I wonder this.

That last pic at a distance and an angle, you can see how HUGE that FMIC is.

Love the color scheme!
I love your color choice. Looking really good :D
What film did you use to cover the fogs?
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