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Veloster Base to TD05 turbo Setup

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Let's first clear the air, I turboed my base model veloster ("shoulda got the turbo version"), I get it....but this is what I'm doing.
My friend and I have turboed my 2014 Veloster base with a TD05 turbo from Shark Racing. The kit was garbage, so I only used the turbo. We are past installation and going into tuning. Since tuning the base to a turbo is already difficult, we have to find a software to pull logs. I have a 2nd ECU from the veloster remix that we will flash and tune so I can save my oem for inspections. I will do my best to update accordingly 馃槍

We are using Torque App with OBDLink LX to digitally monitor graphs. We are experimenting with WinOLS, Palmer tuner, and PCM flash from 845 Motorsports. We will be posting logs here. Any advice and suggestions are FULLY welcome. This is an active project, the only difficulty is time.
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Oh that's awesome! It is a manual
also, pics?
Laugh and ignore the "Crunk" wording on the intercooler, that's been removed lol


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Still oem compression and internals or did you upgrade the head gasket to the one they send and upgrade the internals?

Push button or key start manual car?

Oem clutch or upgraded?

What spring/lowest boost you can run right now?

Boost gauge on the car?

Why do you need a spare ecu if you can flash the ecu in the car now? FYI you can't just get an ecu from another car and it work in your car.

Considered possibly using a VT ecu to tune with? I know a member on here has an accent 1.6 and cranked the car on a VT ECU but had to do some modification for it to work.
I upgraded the head gasket, but haven't installed any of the internals since a previous suggestion (if I wanted to drive on it) not to do anything too major until we can adjust AFR at least.

Key start manual

OEM clutch (suggestions for upgraded are welcome)

I don't know if this is the right answer, but I use the Torque App with OBDLink II and THN54 used the calculation from standing air temp to calculate accurate boost (also use the ODBLink boost gauge for PSI) Lowest is -24.2 and Highest 3.1

The Veloster Remix ECU starts, but the readings are all wack. I didn't test drive it for obvious reasons. I'm no expert on this in any sense, but I just thought I'd need a 2nd. If I don't, good!
I have not considered that possibility. The only part I used from a Kia was 60mm Kia throttle body (a suggestion from one of these forums)
Adding more photos of upgrades not installed:
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Looks like my csv was just GPS coordinates...I'll have to retry my numbers
So you installed the head gasket to lower the compression?

Correct it needs a baseline tune in it for sure before you run it much. But also needs the fuel in it you want to tune it for and all the support mods.

Key start manual I can tune.

Oem clutch may be fine. Will have to see if and when it gives up.

Can calculate boost in some cases over what the map sensor can read/report but here not sure you'll be able to thus why you need an accurate standalone gauge to go by.

No need for spare ecu if you can flash the oem ecu. Save the oem ecu tune and you will always have it to flash back into the ecu in 5 minutes. But it should pass inspection on the tuned file.

The 60 mm will help flow better but my 64 mm is the top dawg! ;-)
Damn! a 64mm! Keep your secrets :devilish:

Just a quick heads up, getting a good amount of snow the next couple days and I'm closing on my house Thursday, so it'll be a little bit before I send any updates
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To begin with, I just want to say that I applaud the hell out of the effort being put in here... I'm often a fan of doing things just to prove that they can be done, so good on you for that!
Second, though -and this is entirely unrelated to the performance part- I don't want to be the guy who lets his buddy walk around with his zipper down, so uh... are you aware that the eyelids are on backward? I realize it might be deliberate since the whole build is a break from the norm, but thought I should mention it just in case it was not a deliberate choice 馃槵
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Thank you! That is partially why I am doing it, just to prove it lol
Holy shit...they are on backwards! We'll just go with "it was intentional" 馃ぃ I appreciate your attention to detail!!! I honestly never noticed, just wanted to give it a cheap and more aggressive look since the veloster is very "bubble" shaped to begin with.
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OK, hopefully this CSV log is correct:
We will need to get on a phone call to setup the app for proper logs. Current setup is not producing a great log at all so between that and cringing at the inaccurate data plus knowing how wonky the oem tune is in general and imagination of when boost is thrown at it I had to stop looking.

For my sanity and the engine health do not go into boost until it can be tuned on a safe base map bare minimum. No more logs until after the app is setup better.
Thank you thank you! Ok, I won't be producing anything till then. I don't fully understand the tuning or ECU stuff. If we has a call, I'd like to include my buddy (THN54), because he works on luxury sport cars and knows more than I do
Did you receive the email from my buddy with the .bin file?
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