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Veloster Base to TD05 turbo Setup

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Let's first clear the air, I turboed my base model veloster ("shoulda got the turbo version"), I get it....but this is what I'm doing.
My friend and I have turboed my 2014 Veloster base with a TD05 turbo from Shark Racing. The kit was garbage, so I only used the turbo. We are past installation and going into tuning. Since tuning the base to a turbo is already difficult, we have to find a software to pull logs. I have a 2nd ECU from the veloster remix that we will flash and tune so I can save my oem for inspections. I will do my best to update accordingly 馃槍

We are using Torque App with OBDLink LX to digitally monitor graphs. We are experimenting with WinOLS, Palmer tuner, and PCM flash from 845 Motorsports. We will be posting logs here. Any advice and suggestions are FULLY welcome. This is an active project, the only difficulty is time.
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also, pics?
nice work!
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dont sweat it too much, by now they are copies of copies of copies and the molds are not getting better but the price keeps going up.
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