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Veloster rapior grill

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Veloster Raptor Grill

Got a few hours in this grill

Not too bad...

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The naysayers are everywhere!

It's easy to recognize the sour grapes.

The teeth are easily convertible and can "come off" and "go on" whenever I feel like.

It's just a funny and fun thing to do.

Show me
your "original" stuff.

Not the kind of things someone else has done and you simply purchase. Any body can do that!

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I did that!

Thought it would block too much air.

What are they made out of? Looks like you put some thought into it. I can see the potential. Maybe just the top set? Like a snake.
I made them with sturdy cardboard and covered them completely with sticky back aluminum. They are made to be removable and hold on by themselves.

1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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