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Veloster stuck between a rock and a hard place (PIC)

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Spotted this on Google image lol anybody seen this?

ARTICLE Veloster cai em cratera gigante em Goiás
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here is the translation of the article from Portuguese to English"

"A Hyundai Veloster landed inside a crater in Luziania / GO. The accident occurred yesterday (25) at Avenue Alfredo Nasser. By poor signage of a work performed by the municipal council, the Resende businessman Ramon Morales ended up falling into the crater with his car. He reported that he bought eight days before its Veloster. At the time of the accident, it was raining at the place and said the driver cones are small and difficult to see in bad weather.

The lack of warning about the work at the site would have also contributed to two other previous accidents. The Veloster has a total loss (£ 75,000) and the driver was not injured."

damn.. those pricey NA velosters! :crazy:

i assume it's 75k brazilian real but still thats $37k US Dollars.. for an NA?
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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