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Veloster turbo low beam bulb replacement - beware

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Please make sure you read your manual before buying a bulb replacement.

I bought a pair of Nighbreakers Plus H11 to swap my OEM bulbs and they DO NOT fit on the VT. Now I am stuck with a pair of bulbs that I can't use. And what's even worse, I opened the packaging so I can't return them. If anybody is interested in getting them at a good price, please let me know. :) They are H11 Nightbreakers Plus.

The manual states that he low beams are H7HPLL/H11B* (* meaning if equipped), and yes mine has the H11B. I don't think the Nightbreakers Plus come in H11B. Anyone out there with another suggestion for bulb replacement without having to do any mods to them?

Check the ones in your car before buying new ones!!!! Lesson learned! :crying:
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Hi new member here. So I just bought a pair of H11B replacement bulbs and was wondering if you need to remove the front bumper and headlight enclosure to replace? I notice the space to access the bulb is pretty tight and can't seem to remove the existing ones. Thanks in advanced.

Thanks for the detailed explanation vtlover! I wasn't familiar with the H11B bulbs and if they were the twist or unplug type. Anyways I have rather big hands so it's going to be challenge but i will try using the bent pliers. I'm glad i dont need to remove the bumper. I will post pics for you guys once I get them installed. I got the 8000k version hoping they're not too blue.
Yea I saw the diamond blue ones but didn't like the blue tint. Anyways please post pics if you get them. Took your advice and used bent pliers to remove existing bulbs but twisted one too hard and broke the plastic part. It is still useable but I'm really hoping the 6000k's will be bright enough so I don't need to install back the stock ones.
Thanks vtlover. Sounds like not much of a difference in terms of brightness. Not really digging the diamond blue cyan color. I will let you know how the 6000k look.
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