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Veloster turbo low beam bulb replacement - beware

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Please make sure you read your manual before buying a bulb replacement.

I bought a pair of Nighbreakers Plus H11 to swap my OEM bulbs and they DO NOT fit on the VT. Now I am stuck with a pair of bulbs that I can't use. And what's even worse, I opened the packaging so I can't return them. If anybody is interested in getting them at a good price, please let me know. :) They are H11 Nightbreakers Plus.

The manual states that he low beams are H7HPLL/H11B* (* meaning if equipped), and yes mine has the H11B. I don't think the Nightbreakers Plus come in H11B. Anyone out there with another suggestion for bulb replacement without having to do any mods to them?

Check the ones in your car before buying new ones!!!! Lesson learned! :crying:
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Today I installed the Osram H7 65W bulbs that I ordered. On the pic you see left the new bulb and right the old one. The manual tells shit, if you arent a superhero you cant replace bulbs on this car with the headlights in place. I removed the headlight and part of the front bumper. Couldn´t wait until night and now after a little test I am very very happy with the result, almost 2 times brighter than before and I have tested temperature after driving with the lights for about 20 minutes, the headlamp was still cool from outside. I would not recommend to take higher wattage bulbs than the 65W else the inside of the lamp might melt. If you cant get these bulbs in the US, shoot me a PM.


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