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Vibrant exhaust

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Just had a Vibrant 12" resonator installed yesterday I must say it sounds pretty good. I will try to get a sound clip. on cold start up it is fairly loud and deep but mellows out after the engine warms up a bit. On hard acceleration it sounds amazing. Seem to be able to hear the turbo spooling more.
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Just installed mine few days ago cause wife was complaining about the solo catback...Felt like the 8,000 lb gorilla in the room throughout the whole commute. That little resonator works wonders!!! Drone eliminated, the sound of the solo is there when you wot, and wife is happy. I'm also waiting for a pair of DC Sport resonated tips to replace the fake oem tips. I'll post pics when installed.
I have a takeda axle back exhaust on my 2020 r spec and the drone is absolutely too much for me. I wanna quiet it down and this seems like it could be a good option. Where exactly did you have yours welded in? I was just gonna add it to my midpipe if it will work
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