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Vibrant exhaust

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Just had a Vibrant 12" resonator installed yesterday I must say it sounds pretty good. I will try to get a sound clip. on cold start up it is fairly loud and deep but mellows out after the engine warms up a bit. On hard acceleration it sounds amazing. Seem to be able to hear the turbo spooling more.
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Based on sound alone... that's worth a couple ponies right?

My resonator looks like this...

It goes on tomorrow, I was just curious if anyone else had an updated opinion. I took the muffler loose awhile back and laughed at how loud it was, so i figured the resonator would have to help.
Post a sound clip when you get yours done if you can. I took the muffler off a while back to see how it sounded and it is loud! And now with a catless DP, the noise and fumes are horrible to me. I am looking into a custom setup now. Curious to hear how yours sounds.
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