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Vintage Gold vs Anthracite Grey

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I have debated it over and over, but I need your help! I will be dipping my wheels (the entire wheel, not that two toned ish). However, I am torn between Vintage Gold and Anthracite Grey. I have a marathon blue VT, so which do you think would turn out better? I plan on doing the entire wheel like Petey T (I hope you do not mind me using your photo, btw!!). For any and all information for his build, you can access his build thread here (

This is her now:

Dipping Options:

***Note, this is not my wheel. I will be dipping the stock turbo wheel.
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X, do you have pics with the anthracite grey applied?
I've made my decision. Gold it is. Derail away guys...
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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