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VT without the VT wheels?? Is it possible to opt for the NA wheels?

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I like the color matched insert in the NA Veloster. Is it a possible option??

I still have 3 weeks left before I buy the car, so they'll have to find me a car... I'm going to see if they can swap out the rims with the color matched set, but probably slim chance. Maybe go ahead and buy it and find someone with the NA Veloster and swap??

Cant wait to get my VT!
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Here's the answer: It's not.

You'd have to order the VT, then order a full set of the NAV wheels at retail price. Then try to sell your VT wheels to recoup the cost.

Too much hassle. I'll just plastidip my wheels and do some orange trimming on it, hopefully it'll match.
I hate the chrome look. Ordered some Vitamin C paint already. Going to plastic dip my wheels, and then spray paint the inserts to match the body.

I plan on using adhesion promoter and then spraying 2 coats of vitamin C and 2 coats of clear. If it fail, I'll 3M vinyl wrap it carbon fiber.
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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