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VT without the VT wheels?? Is it possible to opt for the NA wheels?

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I like the color matched insert in the NA Veloster. Is it a possible option??

I still have 3 weeks left before I buy the car, so they'll have to find me a car... I'm going to see if they can swap out the rims with the color matched set, but probably slim chance. Maybe go ahead and buy it and find someone with the NA Veloster and swap??

Cant wait to get my VT!
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Actually those chrome parts on the VT rims can be removed. Three small bolts hold them on each wheel for a total of 5 per wheel. Now you can remove them and get some OEM paint from a place like Automotive Spray Paint custom matched | Aerosol Touch Up | AutomotiveTouchup | 888-710-5192
It would certainly be different and may actually be a look you would like. You would need to try to picture it in your mind to see how it looks plus you would need to make sure the paint would take to those chrome parts. 20 bucks for a can of Boston Red paint plus a little work is all it would take. Just an idea man.
Funny you should mention it. That is exactly the idea I had. So I cut out a few pieces of paper to match the chrome inserts, sprayed them, and taped them to the wheel. I'm still not sure but it gave me a pretty good idea of what it would look like. Of course the chrome of the center piece would need to be painted too.

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There are ways to take chrome off of plastic. I've seen it done by soaking them in bleach. If I could get hold of some spare chrome inserts I'd try it.
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