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Want some real horns - try installing a pair of fiamm dual tones

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FIAMM HORNS- been using them for years. Louder than most American horns for sale at Amazon for 18.36 plus shipping unless you buy something else and get free shipping over $25.00. FIAMM 74100 El Grande - Twin Horns - Red: Automotive
I installed a pair this afternoon when I was changing oil for the first time. Really an easy install if you're the least bit mechanically inclined.

Tools needed: Phillips screwdriver, 10mm wrench or an electric drill with 10mm socket, pair of ***** to clip wires, one medium inline wire connector, pair of pliers, two female spade connectors & a 6" piece of insulated wire (16 or 18 ga. is good). Connect the spade connectors to each end of the 6" wire for use later.

There are 4 10mm bolts adjacent to the hood latch when it's open and two push screws. There are two bolts, one under each wheel well at the outer rim, driver's side about 10:00 and passenger side abou 2:00. Then there are 6 phillips screws and 4 phillips push screws under the front lip of the grille and around to each wheel well. Easy to remove.

Then once all bolts and screws are removed, put them in a bowl or some container so you don't lose them.

Grasp the front fascia (bumper cover) at the joint where it meets the fender on each side (separately) and gently pull to separate from the fascia/fender side bracket (this is a snap fitting. The bracket will stay connected to the fender. Next grasp the fascia extension that extends into under the hood where the four bolts were removed and gently but firmly tug the entire front fascia away from the engine compartment. There are similar snap fittings on each side under the headlights. Once the fascia is loose, disconnect the driving/fog light connections before setting the fascia aside.

Once the fascia is completely disconnected, locate the OEM horn on the passenger side of the radiator and remove the 10mm bolt holding the horn bracket to the bumper frame & pull the electric plug loose. Clip the wires (black & gray) and lay the OEM horn aside. Forget the relay that comes with the horns, you don't need it. The gray wire is the hot wire (12 volt) You won't need the black ground wire. I used an angle grinder with a cutting wheel to grind away a small portion of the OEM
horn bracket that formed a lip to make more room for the new horn brackets clearance (a file would do also with a little elbow grease).

Attach the new brackets furnished to the horns with the nuts furnished. Then mount with the 10mm OEM bolt to the bracket. connect each female spade connector to the male spade connector on each horn, then connect the OEM gray wire to the 6" wire with the inline wire connector.

Turn on the ignition and try your horns. If they don't work, check the wiring connections for good connection.

Reinstall the fascia in reverse order to that used for removal.

Good Luck, Photos below - Next week I will again remove the fascia to install my blow off valve and will make sequential photos of the entire
procedure. Today I was in a hurry.

ttwotees :cool2: Good Luck

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I've had my car 4 months and never sounded the horn (until today in the garage). I'm glad I hadn't needed to sound it in anger because .. OMG what was that sound!
I'd had the idea to fit a set of triple air horns but found there wasn't enough room up under bumper. So I went off to Canadian Tire and picked up a pair of Fiamm horns (Freeway Blaster), one F72112 low tone, and one F72102 high tone .. each one is 132 db so they're pretty damn loud (I'll post a video later). The cost was $16 each and well worth the money. They draw 5 amps a piece so no need for any additional wiring or relays.
Simple to fit. I bent a bracket and mounted them in the recess beside where the factory horn was mounted (yes I did mount them with the opening facing down). Spliced the wires into the factory wiring.
The hardest part of the job was pulling the front bumper/grill assembly .. and I've never worked on a car where the whole front is held on by 6 small bolts and 8 fasteners.
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I want to upgrade but I don't want a high pitch. I want low tone and LOUD, so they think it's a big car coming. No respect for the high pitch horns :(
I can assure you these fitted as a pair command respect. The high/low combo is the same quality sound as fitted to big cars, and at 132 dB a piece they'll know you're coming :wink:
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