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Please follow these simple guidelines when posting in the Marketplace. These guidelines are put in place to protect sellers AND buyers, they will also maximize everyone's chance for a successful transaction.

General Rules
  • Sellers and buyers MUST have a minimum of 20 posts to participate in the Marketplace ( sandbagging to get post count up will result in infractions and/or banning and will result in all posts being removed)
  • Set up prefixes (For Sale, WTB) from the drop-down menu when adding your Title to thread. When an item has sold please add the "Sold" prefix to the thread or ask a mod to close the thread.
  • State preferred method of payment (PayPal, Item Trade, Money Transfers etc)
  • Include asking price or "best offer" (OBO) in description of item.
  • Be descriptive of the item(s) for sale. Condition, miles, when purchased etc.
  • Do not leave negative comments about the price or quality of an item. If you don't like it, move on. This includes spamming a classified with off-topic banter.
  • Include pic of item for sale with your Veloster Turbo username clearly visible in photo.
  • Supporting Vendors are NOT to use private classifieds. Please use your respective section for all sales.
  • Feeler threads (gauging interest) will be deleted and infractions/warnings given out.
Want to Buy Guidelines
  • State whether an exact item is wanted or list an acceptable equivalent.
  • List the price you are willing to pay for the item.
  • Member: When an offer comes in and the price does not meet your expectations, decline politely rather than engaging in negative banter.
  • Seller: If the price someone is willing to pay for an item is not reasonable do NOT leave a negative comment, simply let them know what a reasonable and expected price is for such an item. and it's Owners, Administrators and Moderators are NOT your guarantee for a sale/trade/WTB. All buyers are responsible for their own transactions. Mods and admins can not and will not intervene in the case of a failed transaction.
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