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Water on Drivers Side Door Sill

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When I open the car door when parked in my garage (after the car has been outside in the rain) I can see quite a bit of water sitting along the bottom of the door sill. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

It does not seem to be happening on the passengers side.
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Ideally no part of the car should pool water. This not a problem in the short term but it is a big problem in the long term due to corrosion.

If you've ever seen/owned a BMW M or an Audi S or Mercedes AMG or any other variety of guido cars that have leather inserts on the lower door sill, you know that they do not have this problem.

Obviously the Veloster is not one of those cars - but it should still not pool water on any metal surface. If mine does this regularly I will be tempted to drill a drain hole.
Hyundai does have a 7 year anti-perforation warranty.
Now that I finally have my VT I think I know what the problem is - the window seals/wipers on the door do not work!

My windows were fogged up yesterday morning I rolled them down and up and they were not cleared. I quickly fidgeted with the driver side seals and it did not help. So I assume that they let water in.

This is the only issue I have found with my VT and I am quite picky. So I'm going to bring it up with the dealer when I get my first complimentary oil change and tell them I want it logged in their system for my anti-perf warranty and then casually mention that this is the only initial quality issue that I will mention in my JD Edwards survey.

I figure that will probably get the problem fixed.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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