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Weathertech Install Pics and issue

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I know you've all seen the weathertech pics. Picked them up a couple days ago from the factory. Took some pics of them installed in the VT. I really like them. My only complaint is there is a slight ripple in on of the corners due to a slight misfit. Also, the drivers side mat is a bit too large and rubs against the plastic from the center console. I guess this isn't an issue if nothing gets scratched. You can see what I'm talking about in the pics. Anyone else notice these Car Vehicle Family car Floor
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I have the exact same ripple in the back. Seems like whomever measured it. As for the front ones, they do not overlap the plastic in the car but they do touch it. I bought the front ones prior to them being listed for the 2013.
In some of the pictures it appears that you still have the carpet floor mats installed. I believe the Weather Tech Mats are supposed to go directly on the floor. May help with the fit.
I had removed the carpet matts and had the problem. I think it is fit problem.
give it a lil time to let it settle in...i have seen that problem in some OEM accesories for hondas at work. sometimes after they been settled in or used a bit the better they fit.
Thanks guys. I believe the back issue is a fit problem. I do have them over the stock mats, but removing them will cause the mats to sit lower and I actually think the weathertech mat is just slightly too large causing the ripple. As for the fronts, as long as I don't scratch the plastic, I'm not really concerned about the issue. Even if I remove the stocks, there will still be a slight overlap, so I may just leave it the way it is. Overall, the mats fit great and I'm pleased. It was raining this morning and its nice not having to worry about the floor and stock mats on the driver side and passenger side when I have someone in the car. I def recommend the weathertechs over the other options out there. They seem like them will protect the floor very well and will def do the job I bought them for. Thanks for all the input.
Sorry to bring back old thread, do you have to do any modification like cutting for the front driver, passesnger or back frow mats?

For those have trunk mats with built in subwoofer, do you have to do any cutting to fit properly for weathertech?

or should I just buy this from ebay for the trunk? 2012 Hyundai Veloster Trunk Cargo Tray Liner Protection with Subwoofer Velostar | eBay
No modifications for the front and rear passenger floor mats. I cannot comment on the cargo tray since I got the one from Hyundai.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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