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Weekend Projects

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Got a couple of projects finished up today. I wrapped the engine cover again. This time I used the 3M 94 Primer to see if I have better luck with it sticking, the engine heat got to it last time. I also finished up my home made oil catch cans. I put the larger one in the PCV line and the small one in the breather line, already collecting a little bit of stuff.

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Kobalt seperators correct? Thats a nice setup i just warn you ive had friends use them in the past they build moisture and look gross inside.
The engine cover really looks good. I think I may have mine hydro dipped
I know it will hold up to the heat at least. Yours look incredible no doubt but im afraid how long itll last
Cool let us know. Have you considered clear coating the whole thing to preserve it a bit?
Have you considered having it hydro dipped?
I can hook you up with a company from my mustang forum if you need. They do incredible work from guns to wheels.
1 - 6 of 23 Posts
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