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what is the widest wheel that fits VT?

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Any idea?
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using this calculator, Custom rims, wheel tire packages for your ride - I know you can fit a 19 X 8.5 with +35 offset and a 235/35 tire.
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Any idea?
Depends what you want to do with your VT.

Stock height, you can probably go with 18x10 if you want with any offset. It will poke out a bunch and look like a 4 wheeler. But you would you also have to go with a 245/40r18 because the 215/40r18 will not fit that rim because it is too wide. I've seen people go as wide as 245/40 but that was on the rear. I bet you would rub stock suspension with 245 or higher. You COULD though, it will stretch the tire and wouldn't be safe anymore.

If you want to use factory tire, than 18x8.5 would be the widest you can fit 215/40r18. Again with stock height you can go with any offset.

IF you want to drop the vt, I wouldn't go no wider than 18x8 OR 18x8.5 and now lower than +35. If you want to drop with ZERO worries about rubbing or ZERO work on fenders, I suggest not gong wider than 18X8 and no lower than +40. Anything wider and higher will make you worry everytime you see a dip or bump on the road. Also with those size you can fit the 215/40R18 on those size rims (18x8/18x8.5)

Rims width range for 215/40R18 is 7-8.5.

Rims width and rim offset go hand and hand.
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I willing to bet I can shoe horn a 275/35/18 on it. Currently running a 255/35 and have loads of room. Might have to pull the liners. I was .25" from the liners.
Would the calculation also determine how much your card had been lowered? For example lowered springs or coilovers?

If you have eibach pro kit would a 19 x 8.5 rims fit in it or I have to stick with 18?
Hello really been needing some help wondering if 245/45ZR 18s will fit on my turbo veloster I currently have 1 inch spacers on the rear and my tires all around are 225/45ZR 18s I purchased coilovers as well gonna put them on soon just wanting to make sure the 245/45s will fit or will I have any issue I don’t have the stock rims from factory I have enkie raijin 18x8 size and 45mm offset would greatly appreciate the help
No, the tires will not fit as they're too tall.
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