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Just got an e-mail message from Bluelink Hyundai with all kinds of information on my car and condition of all aspects of operation.

It's pretty scarey, knowing they are watching me.

I wonder if it will stop after I let Bluelink expire. Maybe there is a way to opt out of all that! I'm not going to pay the prohibitive price they want for Bluelink.

SiriusXM is Ok, I'll probably renew the subscription for it cause I like all the music available.

BUT, I don't like the stalking.


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I actually like all the alerts.
Earlier this year I started a diet/exercise routine and with the help of my Fitbit I track all my progress in most every aspect.. Bluelink is like the same thing for my car.

And yes, you can opt out of them on the myhyundai website.
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