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Wheel choice V.S. Help me choose

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Hey guys so once again I am in a predicament about wheels. I've posted on a few threads but i decided that making a thread of it's own might be the best way to put this out there. I have these two sets that I really really like. I originally would not look at any other sets except the LENSO CQ4 in the first picture, but getting them has proven to be nearly impossible. I then I came across the ones in the second pic the AXE EX CONCAVE and thought they weren't too bad but I am developing a liking to them more and more... so I photoshopped it to see how it would look and was really impressed. Now I am torn between being patient and sticking to what I know I want, or being spontaneous and going for something which I like more everyday..I am not trying to be a drag race car or a track car so I am not too worried about the effects on performance but still want to know that after I start working on moderate performance parts and possibly a tune it would not impact it negatively... SO WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? NUMBER 1? or number 2?


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1 - 2 of 34 Posts
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