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Wheel sizes, turbo specs, etc.?

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Anyone come across specs information on the stock turbo?

Wheel sizes? inducer/exducer on turbine and compressor? Compressor diameter?

I am just looking to see what might be a good mild turbo upgrade to increase our powerband (will be looking into a real turbo upgrade when internals and such are available.

What I am looking at doing is create a mild turbo upgrade to raise the powerband and keep the turbo more efficient at higher boost pressures.

This would increase performance on the highway and in the higher rpm ranges, while increasing peak numbers a bit.

I was offered by a company to do wheel upgrades for the turbo also but 845 is already going this route and no real point to offer two sets of wheels for the stock turbo.

cat is out of the bag now. Just started some work on a Big turbo manifold. Should have a prototype manifold and downpipe by the end of August if I can choose a damn turbo :p
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I'm having some trouble tracking the data down myself. There are a few good sites to collect data on known units, we'd just need to gather the info on the compressor cover (And turbine housing, if any) and compare it to what is available as aftermarket replacements (read China). If you can dig up that info, I'll see what I can find out for the group. :)
Anyone have pics of the stock unit? I really don't want to have to go take my car apart, but I may if there is nothing out there.
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If you can get clean shots of the compressor cover and turbine housing/manifold, that would be huge. If possible, a fin count on the compressor wheel would go a long way too ;)
No worries, we'll get to the bottom of this thing sooner or later. :)
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