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wheel touch up paint

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My wife scraped her driver side front wheel on a curb. Not really bad, so I thought I could touch it up and it should be fine. Does anyone know where to get the correct color for the wheels so it matches?
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I just paid 80 dollars each for 2 of my rims because I couldn't live with having a nice car with ugly looking rims due to the curb. The guy did an excellent job of repairing them they look better than OEM lol. Look around because there should be a mobile curb rash fixer around the area. FYI, normally their customers are dealerships and bmw drivers.
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I always get people coming into the shop with busted wheels. We recommend taking it to a rims shop and get it repaired unless he can get a GOOD used one for less than getting it repaired. Although, $80 is super cheap per wheel. The people we recommend are usually 150 each. and OEM wheels usually cost more than that, or if you are in a situation where they don't make that aftermarket wheel anymore and you can't match it up. Just get it repaired and hope your wife doesn't hit the same curb lol We have all done it before.
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