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Where to get windows tint and HID kit (both) installed in Greater Toronto Area

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Hi Everyone,

As I am new in Toronto, I am not sure about reliable work shops who can INSTALL both windows tints & HID Kit to my VT? I found one store online which is called Itint in Concord, ON but not sure if anyone here experienced with them?

Could you please advise a couple/professional store who can help out with a reasonable price?

I asked Cooksville Hyundai where I bought my VT and only for HID Kit (both fogs and low beams installed -Philips brand) they quoted me $500+tax. Is in that expensive just for HID Kit installation? As for windows tinting I did not ask them any price though after the shock I got with the price of HID installation kit

Appreciate your input

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I know the tints on my VT were installed at the dealer and they were $300 for lifetime warranty and laser. in the GTA area that's what you will be expecting to pay for great service. Some places will also charge more or less varying on the percentage you want. I got 20% in the front and 5% in the rear. I love them!

as for HID installations go, it is so easy to do them on your own. If you bought an HID kit, you should be set and it will give you plenty of instructions as most kits nowadays are Plug&Play. If you however don't feel comfortable playing around in your engine, there are many places that install HID kits. My Hyundai dealership installs (not sure about other dealers). Canadian Tire, Midas, and the list goes on. The price on the other hand; if you are looking at purchasing the HID Kits for both fogs and Low Beams, then you will probably be looking at $400-$500 with installation. But don't quote me on that.

If you want my personal opinion. Having HID fogs are just pointless and a waste of money. If you plan on using your HID lows for driving, you will have ample light to see in front of you. My recommendation is to purchase the Lows in HID and get LED Fogs. That is what my plan is. I suggest ordering your lights from Diode Dynamics. They are great! If you are patient, according to DD, they will be releasing a Stage 3 Fog LED for the VT in 3 weeks, which is expected to be way brighter than the current Stock Fogs.

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Thanks for your reply Veloster0517.

1. What brand of tint did the dealer install on your car? Was it Lumar?

2. I certainly do NOT feel comfortable installing HID Kit on my own. It must be installed by a store. A question I forgot to ask actually, do I have to get the dealer installed for HID Kit or any other third party store can install? (I am asking this for warranty purposes, hopefully it wont affect the warranty on the car)

3. I heard good reviews on DD but I need to buy my own bulbs and it has to be Osram Night Breaker Plus 6000k 55w. It does not make sense for me to buy DD since they do not sell Osram brand

4. Thanks for your tip on stage 3 led fog lights though. Now, I need to wait for it so that I can get it from them.

I will go and check Canadian Tire, Midas etc but I still find 400 - 500 range kind of expensive. I wish I could have confidence to do it myself...

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I'm not sure exactly what tint my dealer put. It may be written on one of the papers they gave me when I picked up the vehicle, but I was too excited about the car, I didn't bother to check. With regards to the warranty, no dealer under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act which is for the U.S. but equivalent in Canada can void your warranty just because you use aftermarket parts or labor. The most they can do is not support the section of your warranty pertaining to what part you have. For example, if you install a CAI and remove the stock air box, the dealer is not responsible for any damage caused by installation or operation for that part. Which means, they will not be able to repair your after market CAI. So at the end of the day, your HID kit will not affect your warranty. They just wont be able to repair it unless you pay because it is not their product.

And with regards to what you said about "I wish I could have confidence to do it myself..." Trust me, I was in your exact same position where I was scared that I would screw something up, but after watching countless videos and reading instructions and forums over and over, it slowly became easier. From being paranoid to touch anything on the car to now removing bumpers and parts, etc. You will eventually get your share of the excitement and experiment.

Make sure however you call and ask around for prices first before throwing money in. There is also people on Kijiji that will do installations for a great price.

Hope this helps,

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AudioHeaven can do both tints and HID installs. They are a very reputable shop. Excellent service from Jeff the owner.
Audio Heaven
Itint in concord did mine. Top notch shop, and Don is so easy to work with. I think they use Lumar. I would recomend them. I cant remember how much I paid I wana say $200 but it may have been 250-300 I honestly cant remember.
Okay, thanks everyone for their input.

iTint?: HID Lights | HID Conversion Kits, HID Bulbs | iTint Inc. - Professional Window Tint and Custom Detailing, for Car, Home, and Office
I talked to Don and he told me they use SunTek brand window tints made in USA which I never heard before. He also told me they try not to use Llumar anymore as their customer service not good and it tend to peel of during winter (which does not make sense to me as I know and used Llumar brand tints for different cars in Europe for years). He gave a price of $200 for SunTek brand and he has some LLumar left so if I insist he would install Llumar but he cuts them manually. No computer cutting I guess... As for HID Kit, he has a guy who can install with the price of $125 to $150.

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I called this company and talked to Stevens there. I am wondering if anyone has dealt with them in the past and what their experience is? They seemed to sound more professional but not sure. $300 Llumar Pinnacle(ceramic tint) and $200 Llumar Classic Series. He also quoted me for HID Kit installation if I buy it myself - $80 low beam installation and $80 fog lights intallation. If I get them done both HID Kit installation and windows tinting, he said he could take $40 off. Well most likely I can negotiate further.

I will choose one of these companies to go with HID installation and windows tinting. Most likely the second one. Two questions:

1. Where do you guys get a premium quality HID KIT from? I read many people buy from Diode Dynamics but how reliable are they? The most of HID kits, ballast,relay harness etc made in China these days and I am just wondering if anyone knows where to buy HID Kits (complete kits not the bulbs only) for Osram or Philips? Or are they just making the bulbs not the whole HID Kits?

2. Is 55W HID Kits allowed with Veloster Turbo? I believe it is and it is legal? Could someone confirm this?

3. @ Veloster0517, I checked Diode Dynamics web site and for the fog lights of Veloster turbo, they strongly suggest HID Kit not the led lights in terms of output of the light. They clearly state though led fog lights would look nice but outsource would not be great... Why would you want to change your fog lights to a Led from the stock one? Just for the look? To me, output and how far and better I can see is very important at least as important as the look of the lights. If I am not getting a better light output when I use led fog lights, for me it does not make sense to change stock fog lights. Everyone is different though and I respect their opinion but just my 2 cents to understand that maybe no need to play with fog lights at all ...

Thank you for your input
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My question is not about tints or HID's. Since this thread is referring Toronto shops, can anyone refer to to a good/reputable body shop in Thornhill/Richmond Hill? I scraped my bumper alot. It needs a slight fill, and repainting. The body shops that I've been to have quoted my ridiculous prices. They're claiming it takes 6 hours to remove the bumper, remove the lights (fogs) and grill, then put it back together. They're nuts. thanks for any info.
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