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Which is it?

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So I put my VT on a lift ans finally got to see what the turbo looked like under the car. Pretty sweet little snail. I saw the wastegate on the turbo itself. Does my 2013 VT have a blow off valve too? Or just a wastegate? Now that I have a CAI the sound it makes between shifts under high boost sounds great, but I didn't know if that sound was from the wastegate or a blow off valve. When I shift under a lower boost, it makes a "flutter" sound and when it is high boost, it makes a "pop hiss" sounds. Not the "chirp" like an aftermarket blow off valve sounds like exactly, but still turns some heads.
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The VT recirculates the air from the valve back into the intake. It is still a BOV but it recirculates it, so to be "VT forum correct," it is a recirc valve.
The piece that is connect to the turbo itself someone said is an "internal waste gate". Where is the blow off "re circ" valve on the engine bay?
It's hidden on the very top of the intercooler
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