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Which is it?

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So I put my VT on a lift ans finally got to see what the turbo looked like under the car. Pretty sweet little snail. I saw the wastegate on the turbo itself. Does my 2013 VT have a blow off valve too? Or just a wastegate? Now that I have a CAI the sound it makes between shifts under high boost sounds great, but I didn't know if that sound was from the wastegate or a blow off valve. When I shift under a lower boost, it makes a "flutter" sound and when it is high boost, it makes a "pop hiss" sounds. Not the "chirp" like an aftermarket blow off valve sounds like exactly, but still turns some heads.
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The piece that is connect to the turbo itself someone said is an "internal waste gate". Where is the blow off "re circ" valve on the engine bay?
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